Dholpur – A Giant In 5″ Gauge

Hopefully, by the time we return to Almondell it won’t look quite like introduction photograph, but who knows?

Dave S. has contacted us with photographs showing the progress on his ‘Dholpur’ which has been on the blocks for a wee while now.  However, with all this spare time on our hands it is not the only model coming on in leaps & bounds.  It is becoming quite apparent from all the news items that when we do / can return to Almondell there are going to be a wonderful number of new locomotives out on the track AND I am pleased to say, in 5″ gauge too.  Spare a thought for our boiler inspectors, they are going to have their work cut out!

Dave writes: ‘The motion work frames etc, look rusty but they are not.  They have been sprayed with a preservative which has discoloured over time.  The cab steps have been completed and fitted in the last few days, but are not shown in photos.  There is a 3/8″ brass strip to fit around bunker to complete the cab.  The cab has taken much longer to complete than anticipated.
Will move onto securing side takes at smoke box end & the two straps that straddle tanks next. 
Other jobs to do are six oil tanks to manufacture for axle/motion lubrication, main cylinder lubricator, boiler cladding and pipework.
Still a lump to do, but plenty of time due to restrictions.
Enjoy the photo’s.

Wheel Assembly

Chimney Milling

Smokebox Milling

More milling!

Chimney in place

Clamped ready to mill

Milling valve guide

Combination lever

Coupling Rod

Progress to date

Motion work

Hand Brake

Steam Brake

Boiler / tank top

Bunker & Backhead

Front end

Cab view

Broaching the crank

Quartering jig

Rotary Table

An idea of size











The model is to a GLR – Kennions design.

Wikipedia have an entry about the Dholpur–Sarmathura Railway.

As always, click on the image to enlarge.