Getting It Just Right……

When building a model there are certain features that have to be just right visually, otherwise they stick out like a sore thumb & spoil all the effort that goes into the rest of it.

If you have been following this series of articles then you will be aware that Robert has had just such a conundrum with ‘Maude’ & the smokebox numberplate.  The version originally sent was not correct and the manufacturer replaced it for the correct version.

Meanwhile, whilst awaiting the replacement, Robert got on with making the backing plate, which as you can see had to be shaped such that the numberplate sat square & vertical in the curved door.

Persitance pays off & I think you will agree that it is now spot on.  Just the handrail knobs to remake to the correct pattern.

The final photo shows all the previuos hours of work on the smokebox in context.  The chimney is a wooden example and although not quite correct (Robert will have the correct one!) it does show to good effect the progress to date.


It will be a superb addition to the clubs locomotives.