Clad All Over…..

They say that 24 hours is a long time in politics.  When it comes to progressing our building it seems that six days is such a short time.

On Saturday our Roving reporter submitted these pictures to the News Desk…..





Construction of the interior walls was well advanced, but still a way to go.  Peter is seen hoovering the floor in anticipation of the laying of the underfloor heating pipes.

Thursday morning the team arrives to find the underfloor heating in place…

By early morning the team have arrived to pour the final topcoat for the floor




Beautiful!  Don’t you dare tread on it or let the cat in!




On Saturday the outside of the building was looking decidedly naked still as Alastair & Trevor laid the slab for the Air Heat Pump.





Thursday morning the team arrives to find the cladding in place…

Thank you to Robert who submitted the photographs of today’s work.  I think you will agree progress is impressive.