Steady Progress….

Working on a project of the size of the Museum & Heritage Centre it can be difficult to appreciate the progress being made when the work undertaken is not immediately obvious to the casual observer.  A case in point has been the installation of the ‘Dwangs’ & the electrics.  For several weeks the interior of the building has looked skeletal, the only additions being bits of wire apparently hanging aimlessly from the roof trusses and short bits of wood nailed between some of the said trusses.

Then, in a matter of days the plaster board goes up and the plasterers do their stuff and BANG!

The difference is immediately obvious.

All the expertise and effort of the electricians and the ‘Dwang Man’ are hidden from view, but we thank you none the less for a job well done.

Outside, progress is being made bringing the ground up to level and installing the storm drains….





Thanks to Paul who had his camera out to record the ‘Saturday ESME Sappers’ who regularly turn out in all weathers to do the ‘civils’.