‘Maude’ ticks over….

Robert sent in this update of his progress with ‘Maude’, it will be fine model when it takes to the tracks at Almondell.

‘This is the final assembly of the cylinders, it was a bit of a challenge to ensure all the ports aligned correctly.  Some modification to the valve rods to enable me to adjust them if necessary at a later date.
Thought the members would like to see this, so click ‘First Test on Air’ to watch.  It is only a small compressor with 40 psi which very quickly drops to only 5 psi after a few seconds.  The engine will keep turning at only 5 psi so the timing must be close, but I will see if any adjustments will make it turn smoother.  Could be a tight spot or the pressure is just too low to overcome friction. All good I think so far and I am so pleased that it actually goes.’