Bathgate Probus Club Visit

Weather forecasts, who believes them?   The night before Met Office forecast predicted a wonderful sunny day.  At 10:00 it was wonderfully warm & sunny, so much so that Robert was setting up a Parasol for shade!

Our visitors arrived 30 minutes early, but we were ready, both ‘Grace’ & the tea urn were up to pressure!  After a brief welcome from Robert they made their way to Drumshoreland Station and boarded the train.

A ‘cold’ start from the station to immediately face the climb up through the cutting & Roman Camp No7 tunnel to reach Camps Junction certainly made ‘Grace’ cough a bit, then it was all downhill to Almondell Central.

Returning for further rides, it was fair to say that they enjoyed themselves.  After a tour of the site for the more agile they retired for tea & biscuits courtesy of Anne, sitting out enjoying the sunshine.   After a two hour visit, they adjourned to their lunch venue, very impressed with what they had seen.

Pleased that everything passed off without incident, the stock was was shunted into the storage space, fires dropped and we retired to the bothy for lunch. This was an error!  The sunshine was replaced surprisingly quickly with the most torrential downpour which filled tool boxes with water and soaked us to the skin as we hastily loaded everything into our cars..  Oh well, at least it was dry for the visit.