Bathgate Locomotive Works – an update

Robert has been in touch with further photographs of progress with ‘Maude’.

‘Started some plate work today.  Looks like I will have plenty time since all pubs coffee shops and restaurants now closed.

I will probably roll the smoke box as it is not a complete cylinder and it has two reverse curves at both sides to line up with the framing.

You can see the two curves I am talking about on the smokebox front!  (Good luck with that job, Robert.)

Visible through the door hole is the blastpipe described in an earlier update.

For the platework I decided to commission LaserFrames of Leeds to produce these to my drawings.  They are very accurate & with the help of Sellotape was able to hold them in place to give me an idea of how it would look when finished.


Here we see the linkage for the drain cocks working their way from the cab operating lever, alongside the wheels & then to the cross rod at the front of the cylinders.  Just to add the taps & connect them up.

This ‘confined to Barracks’ malarkey is proving quite beneficial to model engineering!’

We look forward to further updates from the Bathgate Locomotive Works over the coming weeks.