Last Organised Working Parties

Before we all quite rightly entered the next phase of preventing the spread of this dreadful virus there was a final fling at Almondell.

Andrew was working in isolation assembling the blocks for the facing for the Wallace Bridge.

Using his initiative, Andrew had the signing in book down in the cutting & members were requested to shout out their name as they crossed the bridge.  Andrew then signed them in ‘virtually’.  Brilliant!  No one had to enter the building all day.  Andrew then returned the book at close of play.

The shelter for the Air Pump was completed by another member working on their own at the back of the building.  It blends in magnificently with the main building.  just the level of the surrounding ground to be built up to finish the job, but that will have to wait for another day.

A few other lone workers spent their time tidying up to protect things from the elements during the shut down.

Lunch was taken outside in the fresh air, all sitting the requisite 2 metres apart.

Thanks to our two technical wizards security cameras (both day & night versions) were strategically placed.  These feed back via t’internet to home base.  It will be interesting to see what wild life roams the site.

Almondell is now under care & maintenance with regular security checks.