Almondell’s West End….

Not quite as glamourous as more famous West Ends, but nonetheless still busy & exciting!  Progress is being made with the link from the Comrie circuit to the Almondell circuit & the extension northwards of the Comrie circuit.  The busy Thursday team managed to take time out to grab a few shots to show what they have been up to:


Part of the team on an earlier Thursday.  The remainder were engrossed in their work deeper in the woods….


View of the Comrie extension looking North.  A fine sunny day with views across to Fife.


Looking back towards the south, the layout of the Halt can be made out.  Note the bench in memory of Brian Kirkness, sadly missed.  Page down the post & read about the generous donation from Brian’s family.



A clearer view of progress with a locomotive on the Almondell circuit.  The halt will be a nice feature to pause a while & have lunch.