Mitsubishi Electric Visit

The club were invited to tour the Mitsubishi Electric factory in Livingston where they manufacture their Air Source Heat Pumps.  Their hospitality was very generous and those attending had a very informative & interesting time.

Judging by the comments related back to those of us unable to attend the system has had quite a profound effect.  One comment being that it seems incredible that it is able to extract so much heat out of thin air!

The technology and manufacturing process was of great interest to us as model engineers, a lot of innovative engineering.

We were all given headphones and receivers so that we could hear the engineer explaining various aspects of the production of the air source heating pumps as we traveled through the factory.  The majority of the components are all made “in house” and it was great to see the product from the sheet metal being pressed out and shaped, through to radiator and pipe assembly including brazing techniques on the production line and to see the final assembled product.


Thank you to Rodney Ayre, Senior Department Manager and Craig Smith, Engineer of Mitsubishi Electric for your generous sponsorship and we look forward to enjoying the efficiency of the technology in our Museum & Heritage Centre for years to come.