Tunnel Portals…..

We left the student input into the tunnel project in June when schools broke up for summer.  Andrew is never one to let the grass grow under his feet and so he & Sandy have been working hard to move the project on during the students summer recess.  Luckily, Andrew would occasionally stop long enough to admire progress & take a picture or two of progress:

The Plan!

Original entrance….

Now cleared….

New foundations….

Wing walls arise….

Ready for the…..


Looking good!












Don’t worry, there is plenty of work still to be done by the students.  The intention is place a path & viewing area over the top of the arch.

It can now be told that Andrew inadvertantly put himself under a lot of pressure to get the arch completed!  With the shuttering in place the track was closed until the arch was finished.   When the arch was partially completed someone ‘kindly’ mentioned to Andrew that the Rolls Royce club were visiting in a weeks time & the track needed to be open for passenger trains.  Consternation!  With the arch partially up, the shuttering could not be removed otherwise it would collapse.  Neither could it be dismantled temporarily as all that effort would be wasted.  What to do?  Household chores were put on hold & Andrew worked full time on site cutting & cementing the blocks in place.  The moment of truth came the night before the Rolls Royce visit when the shuttering was removed……..

Moral of the story?  Answers on a postcard please.