The Big Push……

Our Roving Reporter was out on site last Thursday to catch up with the track team.  It has been a while since the track team was in the limelight, usually because they are beavering away in the far corners of the site.  This time they were working closer to home sorting & bending ex Comrie rails so the opportunity was taken to catch up with James & find out just ‘what’s occurring’?





‘Work is proceeding apace to complete the final circuit which will provide a longer and more interesting trip for public running right round the site.  Construction of the track bed has been progressing steadily for over two years, but now the push is on to complete the circuit for use in 2023. 

Track panels are being built and laid from each end of the remaining section and good progress is expected over the next few months.

The much longer circuit will provide good views of most areas within the site as well as out over open country towards the Forth and Fife.’





Meanwhile, other jobs on the go are connecting water to the new 5″ / 3½” turntable

and milling point blades for the next point.