After a comprehensive rebuild of his locomotive, Geoff accompanied by son Andrew, took it to Almondell for a steam test and run.  We are pleased to report that it passed both with flying colours. Looking resplendent in the maroon livery ‘Sybil’ brightened up what was a rather dull & damp day.

Pressure nearly at blowing off…..

Blowing off and raring to go…..

The builder at the controls….

Steady away, driver!



‘Sybil’ has been off the tracks for a couple of years. The regulator (cone type in side the boiler) had suffered some corrosion and was not closing properly.  Geoff had to strip down the side tanks and cab to remove the boiler to get to the regulator.  It was a good chance to do a hydraulic test !   Geoff built the loco from scratch in his small workshop and took about 6 years to build.  The rebuild delayed progress on the 5” speedy which he is now working on again.

Last word to Andrew: ‘Dad’s 5” Simplex is back on the tracks after a rebuild and a successful steam test. We ran it up and down the track for quite a while and it is running beautifully.  I am looking forward to the day when we can do a complete loop on the Newliston circuit.’  So are all 5″ & 3½” locomotive owners, Andrew, so are we all!

The latest news on the ‘missing link’ hot off the press from the Secretary:  ‘All concrete foundation work for the 16 metre twin track bridge (Five Sisters Crossing) has been completed ready for the steel superstructure.  The funding paperwork has all been completed and signed and we are now ready to proceed in placing the order with the company who will manufacture all of the steel work for the bridge.’ So there we have it, not long now!