Since completing his 5″ ‘Manor’ class David N. has been contemplating something a little bit more exotic, but appropriate to pull behind this & his 5″ V1 tank:

‘Having spent some 40 years and perhaps travelled hundreds of miles riding behind different miniature locomotives on my simple wagon, I have decided it is not too late to make an improvement. My lockdown project is to make a semi scale model of a LNER 4-Wheel Brake Van.
These are to LNER diagram 120 and are know as Pigeon vans as they were used to carry racing pigeons to their launching point among other duties.
The full size van is 32 feet long so the model at some 34 inches long should be easily handled.
The wheel base is 19 feet, scale 20¼” inches but I am stretching this to 22 inches to improve stability.  This the same as my existing wagon which has always stayed on the track!
The chassis is now complete including brakes on one axle.  The frame is basically 1”x 1” angle with 1” x 3/8″ channel to replicate the real frame. The real vehicle uses leaf springs but I have used coil for simplicity.  A disc brake is fitted operated by cable and the hangers near the buffers are for a bar the drivers feet.

Now to think about the body!’