It’s Been A While…..

The cold weather of January, February & March affected progress in quite a number of unheated workshops whilst members found ‘other jobs’ in warmer circumstances.  No doubt a large number of household chores were completed that had been put off for the duration!

Dave S. has been back in his workshop now Spring has sprung & has been busy completing the cow catchers for Dholphur:

‘A lot of individual parts to be made, and silver soldered together.  No stock available of correct size of steel in workshop.  So, this resulted with extra machining to reduce steel to correct dimensions.  Once made the front and rear buffer beams have been drilled and tapped to accept the cow catchers.

The next job I am contemplating are the sand domes.

I was not going to fit sand domes initially, but went ahead and ordered them from GLR.

Machining is not straight forward as the domes have a boss either side which support the operating levers.  Maybe I shall remove the boss at either side then carry out the machining of outer surfaces and then silver solder boss back on.
I shall reveal how I finally machined them in a future article……!  All the best, Dave.’