Multi Tasking…..

Young Daniel seems to have multi tasking off to a fine art, working on two projects in different gauges at the same time, both making good progress.

The latest update concerns progress on his 16mm ‘Dacre’…..


‘A start has been made on the bodywork, but this will not be the final colour.


Originally when I made the chassis (just over a year ago now) the frames were held by angle at the front.   I now have adequate tooling to make the solid front frame stretcher, so this has been done.


Next I made a start on the chimney with the standard tube then shaping and fitting the decorative piece at the top.  I have had a little go at shaping the piece at the bottom of the chimney out of some copper pipe, a Mandel & hammer, but I need to practice this a bit more!


Next came the smokebox door.  This has the usual bar arrangement that sandwiches the smokebox front between it and the door.  I am waiting for some 1/8th pipe to arrive so I can make up the steam pipe and then I will bolt the smokebox on at the front.



After this I have moved onto the gas tank copper with end caps and silver soldered together.  It has two blind bushes at the bottom which are threaded 6 BA, allowing it to be bolted to the footplate.


A touch more bodywork the top and backside of the left hand side tank and that concludes the work done on the ‘Dacre’ since the last update.