General Duties……

Recently attention turned from heavy civil engineering tasks associated with building the railway to lighter duties associated with tidying the site up.  Our Roving Reporter has been back on site & has sent these pictures to the Newsdesk:

John F. was busy planting out the recently rotovated garden area.

Roddy was busy installing fence posts ‘When I nod my head, you thump it with the bucket….’ Fortunately the digger operator knew what he meant!

Meanwhile the important job of installing benches for the ‘Sunday Three’ progressed well…

Testing was carried out by Phil O. who gave it the thumbs up.

Meanwhile our youngest volunteer, Ollie was helping Mark to run the watering train to the ducks….

‘Right Away, Ollie’…..





‘Carefully does it on the uphill stretch, don’t want a 2-5-5 now do we, Ollie?’  Mark C. keeps a watchful eye on proceedings.

Delivery made safe & sound.

Meanwhile, some activity finishing the platform for the Halt on the Comrie circuit.  Richard N. has charge of driving the compactor, which is a change from his usual job of driving 125’s!

At the newly resited point building tables Bob L. is tackling the job of point construction.  Only another 25 to go Bob…….  And that’s before James gets back from holiday!


And a mystery to finish with.

Embossed on the Comrie rail we discovered ‘<— 1240 —>’.

We know the rail is old, but rolled in the reign of Alexander the II of scotland??

Seriously, does anyone know what this represents?