Fitting Yer Reeking Lum….

The Bathgate Locomotive Works has reopened following the limitations of this years festive season.  Well, we can’t claim ‘excess’s’ this year can we?

Robert sent the Newsdesk a photograph of one of his presents & I couldn’t resist sharing it with you….

I have been reliably informed that the shedplate logo is not full size!

Back to the locomotive works and as the title suggests work since reopening has focused on fitting the chimney:





I took great care in marking out the position for the hole in the smokebox.  The only method which I could use was chain drilling around the circumference & then using a small file to join the holes.

Once the centre had been removed more careful filing opened it out to the correct size to allow the chimney to fit.

I am sure that you will all agree that the care & attention to setting things up has paid off.  The front end looks superb.