Family & Friends Day

Five years and five days….

….. since we acquired the site at Almondell and WHAT a five years it has been!  2018 though goes into the annals of ESME history as being the year we said a sad final good bye to Newliston and entered a melancholy phase of nowhere to run on a Sunday to the elation and joy of our first Family and Friends running day at Almondell.

Happy, smiling faces, full car parks, plenty of trains in two gauges plus a traction engine and good weather.  Our Roving Reporters were there to catch the action….


Dawn, bright & clear

Steam Raising

Steam Raising

On Shed…

Nearly ‘on the mark’

Ready for the ‘off’

Visitors arriving

First, the test train

More visitors!

Quiet contemplation

Driver’s eye view

From the ‘man stand’

















Passenger trains

Getting comfortable…

Light engine

We are off!


Delivering the coal

Right Away, driver

How’s that fire?

Full load












Traction Engine

Belting up…

Let there be light

Yes, it rained!







5″ gauge too

V1, rotate….

And lift off!

Down in the woods….

Running well

Steady astern!

Owners turn!














Didn’t we have a lovely time the day we went to Almondell, a beautiful day, we had lunch on the way….

Busy time…

Can I have a go?

Under tuition

Encouraging others

Mum and son…

Brother and sister

This is so cool!

Just plain happy












We do ‘scale’ too, you know

Class 27

Fort William bound?

Clear road ahead

Into the Sunset

Off we go

Busy time!

Bo’ness or Almondell?













Lighter moments….

Gently does it

Father and son

Safety valves quiet

Good clean exhaust

Good clean exhaust…

The good old days?

Smoke in your eyes…

Green with envy?

’nuff said!