Even Brass Monkeys Feel The Cold……

The Editor hadn’t heard from Dan for a while which was quite unusual, so an email was dispatched to find out what he had been up to during the cold weather…….

‘You have hit the nail on the head, my workshop has been quite cold since the end of January most of what I have to do is painting on the Rob Roy and the Glen its too cold for this.  I have been fitting insulation to the ceiling of my workshop in a hope that will improve conditions. 

I did manage just before Christmas to get 80% of my Dacre painted.

Whilst progress on the Rob Roy has been stagnant it has recieved its display track and it just needs ballasted now.

While I haven’t been out in the workshop much I have been doing alot of 3d printing for 16mm narrow gauge.  I’ve printed this small diesel loco that was downloaded online, still some tidying up to do before painting.

I have been printing some coaches to my own design, the guard duckets are printed separately and can be glued onto any coach as they are a standard part.





As well as the coaches and the loco I have printed some wagons, the 5 plank is almost complete as is the flat wagon.  The other 2 are just chassis at the moment.

All in all there has been some things going on but not much.

Hopefully by the end of this year or maybe even halfway through we can begin getting back on site in our working parties and make some more progress.

Meanwhile, stay safe everyone.  Best wishes, Dan C.’