D34 ‘Glen’ Progress

Daniel, our young engineer, has been taking advantage of the enforced Self Isolation by self isolating in his workshop.  Only appearing for tea & biscuits occasionally Daniel has made good progress with the ‘Glen’….

The chimney has been finished & attached…

along with the dome.  It now looks like a railway locomotive.

Pins for the tender drawbar completed….

& handbrake handle made & in place.




Proper cleavis pins were manufactured & fitted to the tender brake gear.


Other miscellaneous jobs undertaken include….


Upgrading the screws on the home made rear parting holder to M5 which has made it more sturdy.  It’s performing really well.  I’ve wound back the top slide so I can now leave the parting tool attached all the time for most things.  All I need to do is take out the tool from the toolpost.


I put the curves onto the cylinders for the 16mm loco by putting it into the vice, running the cutter along then turning it on the steel pin.  Then onto a Mandrel on the lathe and round off the flats with a file.  Not powering the lathe, but with it in back gear as a brake to stop the part turning away on a file stroke.


First attempt at thread cutting (3/8ths BSW) on the Myford.   Almost achieved a full thread before the tool caught and chipped off the point.  Oh well!!  I hopefully have a new threading tool coming soon so I will have another attempt at the threading.

That’s it for now.