CARES Funding Award

The Edinburgh Society of Model Engineers (ESME) announced today that funding from the Scottish Government’s Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) for ‘A Model of the Future’ decarbonisation project has been approved.

The grant has been awarded to allow ESME to achieve a net zero target in their Heritage building at the Almondell Model Engineering Centre.  This will be achieved by the installation of a 15.6kwh Solar PV array, 3 phase inverter and 12kwh of battery storage. The solar powered micro generation system is expected to deliver 12,725 kWh’s per annum.

Local Energy Scotland delivers CARES which supports communities to engage with, participate in and benefit from the transition to net zero emissions. 80% of the project cost will be funded by the grant with 20% funded through a long term, interest free SME loan from the Scottish Government. The cost of the loan being meet by the savings gained through our own green energy production.

The project is also benefitting from building advice and consenting support supplied by Kiloh Associates who designed the Heritage Centre, as part of their “Giving Back” charitable contribution.

ESME engineers will do preparatory work and installation will be completed by the SMART Group, in the spring of 2023.

Andrew Newton, ESME’s Development Officer, says “It has taken considerable time and effort to get to this point and we are delighted to receive this award, which recognises our efforts as an engineering heritage organisation, to adopt modern technologies and set an example to the community.”

We are extremely grateful to Local Energy Scotland, CARES and Kiloh Associates and the SMART Group for their support.