Bathgate Locomotive Works….

It is pleasing to report that whilst most of industry has shut down, in a quiet corner of Bathgate work continues at a cracking pace on ‘Maude’.

Works Manager Robert reports that work on the sheet metal footplate has progressed well.

Riveted on a brass angle to attach the vertical frame to the footplate.

Both sides have now been completed.

Both set of steps giving access to the cab have been fitted.

Riveting is a job I do enjoy.

Checking the height is correct between the engine & tender.  Seems a perfect match.

And snap!  The full size ‘Maude’.  A couple of runs at Almondell should soon match the weathered effect.

Support bracket for the footstep is in place.  A peek at the steam brake cylinder on the right.


A better view with the locomotive upside down.  For a simple freight engine it has some fairly challenging machining.  Note the drain valve for condensate on the right of the cylinder.

Now came the the challenging task of sealing the cylinders into the smokebox area.  Some complicated shapes to work out here!

First attempt revealed that the curve was sitting ³/₈” too high.

Initially I could not work out what was wrong, but then I realised that the plate needs to be cut to the outside diameter of the ring instead of the inside diameter.

Trickier than I thought, after 3 attempts it was spot on & sealed the cylinders to the rear of the smokebox.

From this picture of the full size ‘Maude’ you can see how the rolled smokebox fits.  And No!  Before some wag asks, I am not adding the rust holes!


Further updates shortly.