Bathgate Locomotive Works Update

Robert contacted the News Desk with an update on progress with ‘Maude’:  ‘Today’s mission, making the exhaust from cylinders to the blast pipe.  Quite tricky as it needs to change angle after that as the cylinder are slightly inclined.

The two copper pipe fittings were the perfect angle.


I have now worked out that I can rotate the top of the unit so that it is horizontal and inline for a short vertical pipe and blastpipe to be fitted above.  Just by chance the centre line is 2” from the front of the framing and smoke box.  Perfect.

I can make a jig to hold it all at the correct angle then silver solder.


The jig holds it all in line ready for silver soldering.

I will need to strip it down to clean it and apply flux.

I only need to remove the top square bar.  Below this on the threaded rod there are the locknuts.  So, these will be used as markers for alignment when reassembled with flux.

Success!  All silver soldered. Required a lot of heat.   One gas cooker ring and a blow torch.

Still to clean it up more.


All good fun!’