Back On (The) Track…..

As the Co-Vid restrictions continue to ease members are coming back to the track for a run.  Boiler inspectors have been busy clearing the backlog of boiler testing & owners have been ‘talking’ to their steeds encouraging reluctant locomotives to ‘stretch their legs’ once again.  One thing a steam locomotive does not take well to is a long period of inactivity.

From the past couple of weeks here are some pictures of the track activity:

A3’s in action




Daniel’s ‘Glen’ under test, later to double head with ‘Hyperion’……

Richard’s 3½” gauge South African 4-8-2…..

Nice to see it back on the track, Paul H’s 7¼” ‘Bantam Cock’, here sitting at the limit of the Almondell circuit at the West end. This circuit is the focus of our big push to get it completed this year!


‘Morning Star’ & ‘Britannia’ enjoying the sunny weather & a canter around the track.