Annual Dinner…..

Robert organised the annual dinner at Pumpherston Golf Club, which is one mile down the road from Almondell.  We weren’t sure if this was to allow us to work on site right up to the dinner bell or not!?  However, it might have been helpful if we had, as recognising each other all scrubbed up & in our finery proved more difficult…..

It was a good turnout and the craic was flowing.  Our Roving Reporter was there trying out his indoor camera…..

First arrivals….

Stunning views….

Menu selection….

Settling in….

Full flow….

Hot topic….?

Tucking in….

Coffee time….

Still yarning….

Great time…..

Ladies chat….

Deep conversation….

















After the trials & tribulations of CoVid it was good to be able to meet up again.

Who had the most trying journey to get there?  Why, Peter who had his Passport nicked in Sweden & it was tough & go if he would get back in time!

As an aside, the Golf Club is built on the site of one of the larger Shale Oil Works & in the lobby they have a photograph showing the current set up in relation to the former works.  Most interesting to see.  If you are interested in the history then click here.

See you in 2023!