Almondell’s ‘Thunderbolt’?

Archie took delivery of his limited edition 14xx from Silvercrest Models (produced by Kingscale Live Steam) in late 2018.  With the addition of a GWR Inspection Saloon from 17D models the typical GWR set up was complete!  A successful steam test in April meant that Archie was all set to take her out on the track and stretch her legs.  The weather forecast for Tuesday, 14th May was for unbroken sunshine and what more of an incentive did he need?

Arriving at the track by 07:30 everything was unloaded, the fire lit and by 09:00 she was ready for the road.  Roddy came along mid morning and at lunchtime Mark arrived by which time 1421 was getting well into her stride and Archie was growing in confidence.  Jeremy was there to help and took the photo’s and video to mark the occasion.

Successfully unloaded

Lighting t’fire


Cheshire cat?

Sylvan setting

It’s fair nippy too!

Into the distance

Titfield Thunderbolt?

Well, almost!

The smile says it all!

Is it getting oil?


















To watch the short video of the locomotive running through Drumshoreland Station, under Wallace Bridge and through Roman Camp No.7 Tunnel, click here

Fine scale wheels on all vehicles traversed the track without a murmur, the ride was as you would expect – smooth.

ESME now has a 14xx and ‘Lion’ which were the two stars of the film ‘Titfield Thunderbolt’ (1953), how about a recreation in 7¼” gauge one weekend?