A Shiny Bunnet…….

David N. contacted the newsdesk the other day with progress on the cosmetic side of model engineering, namely the distinctive look all Swindon designed locomotives have on the top of the boiler.  Get that wrong & the model will not look the part!

‘I attach photos of my Safety Valve casing for the Manor.  The casting I have is of poor quality and looked very difficult to hold and machine.  I therefore obtained a lump of brass and by lathe, mill and files have made the casing.  The casing now weighs a fifth of the original weight and being shaped like a bell rings very satisfactorily when gently struck !

I made an expanding mandrel to hold the work in the lathe and vice and whittled away at the brass always expecting to make a faulty move but all is well.


(I think you will agree that David has captured the look spot on)

I am now working on the sheet metal covers over the clack valves each side which is another voyage of discovery.’



Featured image on ‘What our members are making’ courtesy of: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Minehead_-_7822_safety_valve_repairs.JPG