A Cleading ‘Light’….?

Dave S. has recently been in touch with some photographs of the newly fitted cleading to his ‘Dholpur’.  A very painstaking job to get it to look ‘just right’ (which I am sure you will agree Dave has succeeded) & not without some tribulations.

At last I am pleased to report the boiler cleading has been completed.

Front and rear firebox ends made with copper after brass ends did not work out good enough.

Formers machined 9″ x 7.5″ and corner radius formed on rotary table and milling machine and oak wood backed.

Boiler barrel rolled at Almondell workshop and firebox wrapper bent and corner radius formed on home rollers.

Boiler barrel is 6″ copper tube, but cleading is 7″ diameter so 4 crinolines were manufactured to support barrel cleading.  Another painting job awaits…..!’