What A Difference A Week Makes…..

Work started in earnest on the 9th August preparing the ground works ready for the contractor to commence building work.  Click on the images to enlarge.

The first job was to assemble the kit. And was it impressive!  State of the art too, even had a key code before it would start.

The second job was to assemble the members team on site, one of this team was so keen he had passed up the opportunity to attend a company conference in Australia!  Our thanks are recorded to those who turned up each day for what easily turned into 12 hours of hard graft because without that commitment none of this would have happened.

Then we put it to work……





Next, the access road and relocation of the containers to the far end of the site…..





‘What do you mean, do I know it’s on your foot?’

‘Well you hum it and I will sing along……!’



Time to admire the handiwork…….





These last two pictures put the work into context.

This scale model of the Heritage Centre & Museum gives you a better idea of what we will achieve at the end of this project in 2019.

This puts it into perspective.

Note that the image is not to scale.