We’ve Done It!

Three weeks of intense work by both the Thursday & Saturday teams pays off as the Newliston circuit (5″ / 3½”) is completed in time for the members 28th December steam up.  Both gauges are in and in Newliston rail too.  A tremendous effort by everyone.

As our Roving Reporter writes:  ‘Just to let you all know that today the Thursday team worked their socks off to complete the last missing link to allow trains to run across the bridge.
A big thank you to all involved and also to Andrew N who had everything required for the job ready, prior to the work commencing.  Items like fishplates, nuts and bolts, spanners, power drills, correct drill sizes, angle grinders, and more, etc. bThis greatly added to the super progress. ( not forgetting straight rope ? )’





All hands to the track, the smile on Andrew’s face says it all.








Directions to the Almodell Model Engineering Centre