Trains On The Prom…..

Last year’s visit to the Isle of Bute with the portable track and a small exhibition created a lot of interest which led to the Isle of Bute Trust extending an invitation to this years Rothesay Gala.


Flushed with the success of last years trip Peter decided to offer an extended portable track and a larger exhibition which combined with a move nearer to the popular putting greens and adjacent to the Discovery Centre it was felt would increase the number of rides.

For security during transportation of these valuable items Peter hired a van.  Talking nicely to

& explaining what it was for, they kindly offered generous terms and support.

Caledonian Macbrayne came up trumps by generously providing complimentary travel and the Isle of Bute Trust arranged accommodation at the Glenburn Hotel.

To top off a most enjoyable weekend the weather was amazing.  Clear blue sky, wall to wall Sunshine and temperatures of 28⁰ – 31⁰C.  Judging by the volume of happy smiling passengers we carried we seemed to be the star attraction.

Michael Murray has placed a nice video of the train on YouTube.

We even made the lead picture in The Buteman!

Top that lot!