Thursday Progress

Point construction on the Newliston Circuit continues apace.  This one is for the loop that dives off at Pumpherston Junction for the 5″ 0nly circuit to join the Almondell Circuit at Newliston East Junction.

The next point to be constructed is the one at Dunnet Junction which also connects the Newliston circuit with the Almondell circuit at Newliston West Junction.  See map!

Meanwhile, the earth works for the loop mentioned above are progressing nicely in the area of Pumpherston Junction.  Where Peter is standing (pic far left, yellow High Viz) is the route of the Almondell circuit.  The picture on the immediate left shows on the left the course of the 5″ loop from the Newliston circuit to the Almondell circuit.

Here Peter is setting the levels of the ballast prior to laying the next panel on the Almondell circuit.  Archie is at the throttle of the ballast train.

Meanwhile, activity on erecting the girders on ‘Blythe Bridge’ continues.  The picture to the immediate let shows the embankment for the Almondell circuit sweeping up on the right.  It meets the Newliston circuit at the far end of Blyther Bridge where they then both cross the ‘Five Sisters Crossing’.

We hope to have the Newliston circuit operating by September if the weather holds good.