The Next Generation

One topic that all volunteer organisations regularly talk about is getting the iPhone generation to participate.  We hope that at ESME, by working with schools we are stimulating interest not only in engineering, but in joining up & taking part.

Closer to home Stan has been seen recently on the site with his grandchildren Adam & Ollie, both fully kitted out and helping where appropriate….

Ollie reviews the progress with the foundations of Blythe Bridge

Assisting with the leveling of the concrete for the footpath

Participating with Roddy in the traditional ‘snap’ time…

‘Excuse me, should we not have buried this first?’

Answers on a post card please!

Adam takes a look at the water pumping at the Five Sisters Crossing.  Bet the wellies didn’t remain clean for long!

‘That building looks fine, grandad’.

Grandad has appropriately equipped them for the site.

Just got to get grandad’s steam locomotive working next!