Riding The Newliston Circuit

As has been reported earlier, the Newliston circuit was completed on the 19th December & the first locomotive to run round the circuit was driven by Paul H. on the 21st December.

It didn’t take long before the first 5″ gauge steam locomotive was out and this honour fell to Peter A.  Well, why not?  The weather on Sunday 22nd was just perfect & Peter has kindly sent a birds eye view of his trip around the track.

Monday dawned and the forecast for Edinburgh was pretty good.  Not wishing to pass up the opportunity Jeremy was next out with his 5″ gauge A3 ‘Hyperion’.  It spent four hours on the track and the report was again positive.  A smooth run with the opportunity to ‘stretch her legs’!

The circuit is all ready for the members day on the 28th December.  All we need now is to see the 3½” gauge locomotives out for a canter.  How about it?