Post Christmas & New Year Steam Ups……

Well, it wasn’t quite the CoVid free festive season we were expecting!  Nonetheless, with the weather being mild & dry coupled with us being able to meet outside a few of us met up on the 28th December & the 2nd January for a ‘breath of steam’.

December 22nd:

‘Grace’ was providing an ‘out & back’ service on the nearly completed Almondell circuit.  Roddy took her on an extended run & added in the Comrie Loop for good measure!  Chris & Hazel enjoyed the ride….

On the Newliston circuit Robert has full steam with ‘Morning Star’.  David is seen heading into Almondell Central behind his V1.  This is a regular performer on the track.

Out on the Comrie Loop we see Daniel enjoying the success he had giving the club’s ‘1368’ a touch of tlc in late November.  This now has the full Great Western Pannier bark instead of the three beats & a roar!  Following closely behind is Trevor on his Class 40.

Meanwhile Sandy entertains the visiting members & Robert returns to Almondell Central having given Peter a trip over the Newliston trackwork he realigned.  This work received the thumbs up from all users


January 2nd:

Slightly fewer members out this time.  Perhaps not helped by the forecast of high winds, although the day was bright & clear.  ‘Capercaille’ is seen on the turntable.  Not sure Mr Riddles would have approved of using the firebox top for a coffee mug stand!

‘Grace’ is seen catching the sunrise & later on with Daniel taking a turn on the regulator.


Here are two YouTube videos of the steam ups: