Nearly There!

Over the past couple of weeks since the erection of the Five Sisters Crossing there has been a concerted effort to complete the Newliston circuit (5″ / 3½” gauge).  Both the Thursday & Saturday teams have been working on the trackwork & earthworks respectively and as of close of play on Saturday 14th, only 6 lengths of track remained to be built & connected for the COMPLETE circuit.

We are on target for completion by the members day on the 28th December, however when Paul submitted some photos for the gallery he added ‘I’ve got batteries charged and ready to roll round the completed circuit next Saturday!

This is the Pumpherston / Dunnet Junction loop all completed.  Just the ‘layby’ to connect in case of shortage of oomph!

Blythe Bridge from the top of the climb up from Pumpherston / Dunnet Junctions.


Looking back from the Five Sisters Crossing.


The following sequence of pictures show the work constructing the track bed for the final 6 panels to complete the loop……


The point will eventually lead to the steaming lies.


Final two views looking from & to the Five Sisters Crossing.  Not long to go!




Peter A. had his 5″ locomotive steam tested on Sunday & what else would you do with the surplus steam, but go for a run on the new extension!

Directions to the Almodell Model Engineering Centre