Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud!

Whilst the work was being progressed on the drains and water supply for the Heritage Centre and Museum, the opportunity was taken to make other improvements to the site at the bottom end.  The Saturday crew were again to the fore, and one could begin to think in their element too!

Let our Roving Reporter reveal the story….

Spreading the Type 1

First job was to improve the roadway opposite the Heritage Centre and Museum.  A couple of lorries had got stuck here and their subsequent efforts at extracting themselves had churned the surface to cloying clay.  Several tonnes of type 1 much improved things.

Rolling the surface

All done

A great job!

This has much improved access to the temporary unloading ramps for members too.

Next to be tackled was the bringing of power and water to the new workshop area.  The weather had truly broken and after storm Deirdre had battered its way across the site….

Looks are deceptive…

So far, so good


Help is at hand

On the road again….

Everywhere water….

Who has the 4 x 4?

‘Nuff said!