‘Morning Star’ – the Green Engine?

Although the ‘Days Out With Thomas’ event at Bo’ness clashed with the 25th Model Engineering & Modelling show at Doncaster, Russell still managed to twist a few arms and get a crew out to put on a good show.

Robert sent the News Desk this report:  ‘The weather was excellent all day and ‘Morning Star’ was in steam by 10.30 am.  Passengers arrived at 11.00am and after that the loco (apart from passenger change overs) went all day non stop until 5 pm.


‘Morning Star’ performed well with no problems and was in steam for more than 6 hours.




It was really busy with passengers queuing and by late afternoon we had to reduce the train trip to only one return journey instead of two, to clear the backlog.  We lost track of the number of passengers carried as their entry ticket included the portable track.

My thanks to Bob, Peter and Cliff  for their help running the portable track, we made a good team.  Much appreciated.  It was a hot sunny day too for a change!’

Photographs courtesy of Cliff.