Restoring a Taig Micro Lathe


Some members will know Kieran as a young enthusiastic model maker and friend of Jeremy’s in Perth. He’s not a member but he sent me an interesting story, which follows, with images.

It was on one of our clearances, Kieran had his eyes on a miniature lathe which he was keen on purchasing.

We had a bit of haggling and eventually we agreed on a price. Kieran took this away and below is the result.

Taig Micro Lathe II

It was good seeing you at the ESME steam up on the 27th, we were both quite busy with our respective engines so I never got a chance to answer your question about the Taig lathe.

Well after just over two months of devoted work cleaning, rebuilding, redesigning and restoring I have now reached a stage where I am happy to start using the lathe and make some swarf.

I thought you might be interested in seeing the result of all this work, as I have done so much on the lathe I couldn’t just attach photos as there would be too many. Therefore I have attached a PDF file showing the highlights of the work done as well as the finished lathe. 

Click on the link for Kieran’s story

Taig Micro Lathe II

Once again I would like to thank you for giving me first refusal, I have had to do a lot of hard work to get it to the level that I wanted it at but I am now really happy with the lathe and look forward to starting some projects soon…

Kind Regards