Post Christmas Steam Up


From 10:00 until 15:00

ESME Members only.

The 7 1/4" track is already operational on the Comrie circuit, the direction of travel is from the station, going clockwise uphill and through the tunnel.

The Newliston Circuit for 5" / 3½" gauge locos.

It is all go for the Xmas Steam Up for the 5" / 3½" gauge locos to steam across the bridge and run the full circuit.  The running direction on the Newliston circuit will be anti-clockwise, so load you locomotive into your car or trailer with the smokebox pointing towards the front of the car.  There is are no turning facilities yet!

The Comrie circuit (7 1/4")  will be running in a clockwise direction., so from the station uphill and through the tunnel.

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