Humpty Dumpty Had A Great Fall


From 19:30 until 21:00

So, you think you are a model engineer.  In which case, can you ……

Rise to a challenge?

Recycle miscellaneous items to make something useful?

Recognise a workable solution when faced with multiple alternatives?

Realise before it’s too late there are some instructions you needed to read, understand and follow?


The RAW EGG RESCUE CHALLENGE is just for you!


Working in teams you will be asked to construct an apparatus which will deliver a raw egg dropped from a height neatly into an egg box. 

Get it right and the successful team members earn themselves a prize.

For the unsuccessful team (s) hours of mopping up!


At the Scout Hall, 49 Station Road, Broxburn, EH52 5QU.

Doors open from 19:00.

Tea and biscuits afterwards.  You will have earned them.......









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