Bridge Progress

As ever in a project of this size work proceeds on a number of fronts.  The more obvious progress has been on the ground works for the building, however in a quiet depression in the middle of the woods Andrew, ably assisted by Sandy & John has been quietly, but steadily progressing to build the abutments for the bridge.  This is for the circuits ‘A’ & ‘B’ (5 / 3½ & 7¼ / 5) and will be quite a feature.

Every now and then Andrew would be spotted emerging driving the tractor & trailer, parking by a huge pile of miscellaneous stones then after rummaging and muttering some would be loaded onto the trailer and then off, back into the woods.  Sandy & John meanwhile were issued with smart new wheelbarrows for the same task, but with less muttering!  Well, our Roving Reporter is always curious and decided to find out just what has been going on.  We think you will like what he found……

Excellent work!




However, when you have finished, there is the small matter of the pier to construct next.