Almondell Visit by Ms Moira Niven MBE, Lord-Lieutenant

Last Thursday dawned bright and clear after the previous three days of the ‘Mini Beast from the East’ (although first thing the roads were treacherous with ice) which bode well for the visit by Ms Moira Niven MBE, Lord-Lieutenant.  By the time of her arrival temperatures had risen to a comfortable 10ºC.

‘Scamp’ had been cleaned, checked over and placed on the 7¼” track together with two tipper wagons ready to give a demonstration run which it did faultlessly.  At the end of her tour of site which was conducted by James, Peter & Paul we were pleased to hear her enthusiastic comments about our hard work and progress.

To round her visit off Jeremy offered to let her drive ‘Scamp’ around the circuit (under tuition we hasten to add) which was seized upon with alacrity.

Judging from the beaming smile, the highlight of her drive was to go through the bridge and the tunnel.

At the end of the driving turn she commented on how smooth the track was.


Ms Niven has promised to return again to review further progress and if we heard correctly has offered to bake a cake for us!