A True Rivet Counter…..

Our Bathgate Locomotive Works manager has recently updated the Newsdesk with more progress on ‘Maude’.  This has been the completion of the Smokebox & a braw job it is too!

My ingenuity was certainly tested on this job.  How to produce two identical reverse bends which would be a perfect fit around the smokebox door & boiler rings AND fit perfectly between the frames!

The lever is a 2′ long flat bar, 2½” wide by ½” thick.




Hurrah, success!  The 2.5mm thich steel of the wrapper is quite tough to bend.  Being 4″ wide & cold doesn’t help!


Smokebox cut to length & the two rings trial fitted.  Snug fit between the frames which is good.

Interior of smokebox painted with ‘Barbecue’ heat resistant paint which was then ‘baked off’ on the gas fire….

Drilling & bolting on the wrapper to the two rings.  I think I have used enough bolts.

(Well, I don’t know Robert, I can see space for a couple more!)


Front & rear rings bolted on with countersunk Hex screws.  Just need to go over the wrapper with a file to ensure all the heads are flush with the wrapper.  Don’t want a proud head to spoil the paint finish & sod’s law says it would be in the most prominent place!!

Well, that’s the Bathgate Works on care & maintenance for the festive season holidays.  Stay safe everyone & more updates in 2021.