5th May Public Open Day

The first public open day this year was once again very popular with the general public. Although trains were due to start at 10.30am, cars started to arrive just after 10am.

The weather was dull but dry and brightened up in the later afternoon.

There was a steady flow of passengers all day and both of the extended car parks coped well and at one point were nearly full.

We still had an ongoing queue at Drumshoreland Station but the length and waiting times were cut short by the new 4 coach train pulled by the Appin locomotive and with Roger’s recently extended high speed train with the extra passenger unit.

The number of passengers who purchased the initial train ticket was 284 and 337 passengers returned for second or third rides on the trains.   Well done to the team in the shop.

A new nameplate for the train

Steam trains waiting to depart

A busy scene at the station

Blowing smoke rings







The battery electric Class 37 was due to be the motive power for the mobility train but due to an electrical fault, it was unable to run.  John’s steam loco Barbush was given the task of taking over this role and it was great to see the mobility train being steam hauled.

Steam powered mobility train

Black 5 almost ready to go







The Appin  loco performed well with driver Dan, together with James Robertson’s black 5 and Rogers powered train on the main running routes.

In the morning all trains followed the outer  Comrie circuit and then for a bit of variety the B and B+ route was used to allow passengers to experience a different track and travel over the bridge at the pond.

A new engine driver

Gregor on standby.

Testing all systems are go






The driver experience team did well and Paul Nutt loaned his Class 20 for the day.  Although not overly busy, they did operate 55 driver experiences.

N gauge railway

Multiple tracks and tunnels







Inside the building, Alastair Wright was kept busy multi-tasking various n gauge locomotives all at the same time.

This was very popular with the children.

A nice attraction was Russell Kingan’s 4″ scale traction engine all steamed up and ticking over smoothly.

Another steam attraction

A very successful day and a big thanks to all involved who helped to make this possible and enjoyable for the public.


The next open day will be on Sunday 9th June