March 22, 2020


Club running days have now recommenced on Sundays.

These are not open to the public.

Visitors bringing engines from other clubs please contact the Secretary beforehand to ensure the site will be open.

If you don’t have a key to the site, then opening time is usually 11:00.  Keyholders like to be off site by 16:00 so please respect this.

Locomotive Register / Members sign in –

All details to be entered into the register before running your locomotive.  These books are kept in the entrance lobby of the building.

As the track and associated facilities are still under construction, we would like you to be aware of the following:


7¼” gauge locomotives can run on the Comrie circuit (‘C’).  Running direction is clockwise unless otherwise agreed.

5” / 3½” gauge locomotives can run on the Newliston circuit (‘A’).  Running direction is anti-clockwise unless otherwise agreed.

7¼” / 5” gauge locomotives can run on the Almondell circuit (‘B’).  Running direction is clockwise unless otherwise agreed.

  • When approaching the level crossings, a good lookout must be maintained for conflicting movements across the various junctions.
  • A good lookout must be maintained for errant pedestrians.

Unloading & loading of locomotives

The steaming bays and turntable have been constructed.  A ramp has been provided which can be raised and lowered by adjusting the jack.  If you add packing to raise the ramp higher then PLEASE REMOVE IT once you have loaded or unloaded!  Care must be taken.

Once you have completed your operation please move your vehicle or trailer away from the ramp and park it neatly either further down the track towards the workshop containers or into the car parking area by the site entrance.

This area can get very muddy, please take care as the mud can be slippery under foot.


The railway is not signalled.  Drivers are operating under visual conditions and must not exceed 5 mph.

A suitable Tail Lamp or End of Train Indicator should be carried on the last vehicle.

All steam locomotives must have a valid boiler certificate and this must be brought along for inspection.

All locomotive owners must sign into the register and complete the appropriate details.  This is kept in the reception area of the building.

When more than one engine is in operation, drivers must inform each other of their presence and agree about locomotive movements before proceeding.

Siding space for servicing locomotives is very limited on all circuits.  Please be considerate to other users when stopping for any length of time.

Bring your own coal as bunkering facilities have not yet been constructed.

Servicing facilities

Water is available from standpipes at Almondell Central, Drumshoreland & the steaming lyes.  It is suggested you bring along a watering can or other suitable container.

All disposal of ash and hot coals from steam locomotives must be carried out on the concrete crossings or the steaming lyes.  A brush is provided to sweep this up and to keep the running rails clear on the crossings.

Internal combustion and battery electrics can be prepared on the sleepered track.

Leaving the site

Please tidy up your ash or other waste.  Return all club items back to where you got them.  Ensure the water supply is turned off.  Please coil any hose pipes up neatly.

Passenger hauling

The guidelines for safe operation apply equally on none public open days.  If using the ESME rolling stock please ensure you correctly couple the train up & that your locomotive has enough brake power to bring the train quickly to a halt in emergencies.  Big boots don’t count!!

Building –

This is open for member or public use and access to the toilets.  Please observe sensible CoVid precautions. Wash your hands regularly.

Disclaimer of Liability

All persons entering this property or using any amenities or facilities on this property do so entirely at their own risk and subject to the following conditions:

This site is private property and the owners and / or members of these premises reserve the right to refuse admission or entry to any person.

This property may be monitored by CCTV surveillance.

The owner & operator of these premises, amenities & facilities and its directors, officers, members & representatives do not accept any liability whatsoever for any injury or death of any person or the loss or destruction of or damage to any property, whether arising from fire, theft or any cause whatsoever and by whomsoever caused or arising from the negligence or gross negligence or wrongful acts or omissions of the owner, operators, directors, officers, members & representatives.