October 12, 2017

‘G’ Scale Trains

Member John Fallon recently discovered that the gauge between the 7¼” and 5″ mixed running track is 45 mm (1.772 in) which is precisely the gauge for ‘G’ scale.  Never one to pass up an opportunity John returned to the Almondell Site with a suitable consist and proceeded to run his train.

A video of it in action at Almondell can be seen on YouTube.

And if you would like to see a driver’s eye view on John’s own railway, look no further!

This then poses the question ‘Do we have a ready made ‘G’ scale track which could be used by other ‘G’ scale operators?’  Perhaps a specific day could be set aside when other ‘G’ scale operators come along and run their trains?

Before you ask, ‘What about the points?’ John has already thought of an ingenious solution.

Co-incidentally Gauge 1 track gauge is  1.75 in (44.45 mm).  Perhaps we could see some Gauge 1 trains running too?

Contact us if you are interested in having a running session in either of these gauges at Almondell.