January 16, 2018

Final Closure of Newliston

Sunday, 14th January was such a fine day for the start of the demolition of Newliston that members not involved with the lifting would have one final steam up.  So whilst James was directing Dave and Peter in the correct labeling of the track panels the rest of us took the opportunity to have a run around.

As can be seen from the photograph of the car park, word had got out and there was a good turn out of members paying their last respects.  Far from the mood being melancholy, spirits were high and an enjoyable time was had by all.

By mid afternoon the Sun had disappeared, the temperature had dropped and the rumour went around that snow was on the way which was the signal for most people to call it a day.

Follow this link to a video of the last day on the ESME YouTube site.

Richard however, was determined to be the last train ever and to get some night pictures.  With Roddy ‘encouraging’ Richard to be sharp about it, the big 5″ gauge South African locomotive made the last ever complete circuit before having its fire drawn and the boiler blown down.









The track is now officially closed and no further track running is permitted.

Track lifting and materials reclamation has commenced.