October 7, 2015

Community Involvement


Through the construction of The Almondell Model Engineering Centre  (AMEC) the Society would like to expand our community involvement and the extension of our educational options.  Already we have had the opportunity to assist students with the their Junior Award Schemes for Schools (JASS) projects.  We have worked with Scotland’s Rural College on landscaping designs and with Concrete in the Classroom schools project.

AMEC offers the base from which to pass on the skills of model engineering to all people, young and old to share and learn together.  Our members construct a range of working models, be they  for road, rail or to operate statically. A brief look through the ‘gallery‘ and ‘about us‘ section illustrates the range of skills.


We are keen to inform local organisations about the art of model engineering, our society and the opportunities that we are creating through the construction of the Almondell Model Engineering Centre. We have developed a talk and presentation that has been become popular with other clubs (Rotary, Round Table, etc) and we would be happy to extend this to other groups who may have an interest. If you would like us to come and tell your organisation about our activities then please let us know.

Talks can be tailored to length of time available and to the audience’s interest.

Contact Andrew Newton on andrew007@blueyonder.co.uk

We welcome new initiatives and support that might help us to expand the knowledge and skills of model engineering in the community.

Email:  enquiries@edinburgh-sme.org.uk